Be confident in every first-aid emergency

StayReady keeps you ready to act when it matters most.

Update! - StayReady is now 100% free for ALL features!

Unused information fades quickly - StayReady helps retain information, with short daily questions sent direct to you.

How it works:

1) We send you a short question every day, direct to your inbox.

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2) With one click, you answer the question to keep your skills fresh.

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3) You get detailed information to refresh yourself if you need to.

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4) You will be confident and ready when it matters most.

You can also access questions direct from the website, start here:

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Remember more, with StayReady

Could you do with help remembering the details of your first aid training?

StayReady can help improve knowledge retention and recall.

Can you spare 1 minute each day to help retain first aid knowledge?

Wherever you are, one quick question keeps knowledge fresh in your mind.

Do you want to be kept up to date when first aid standards change?

We will send you an alert when changes are made to first aid standards.

The Science

Unused knowledge fades over time. Studies suggest that normally 40% of new information is forgotten within 1 hour of learning it. This increases to 70% within 24 hours and 90% after 1 week. This is known as the "forgetting curve", discovered by Hermann Ebbinghaus in 1885.

The original findings have been replicated to confirm the forgetting curve is still relevant today. Studies show that memory recollection can be improved by frequently reviewing information.

StayReady has considered this research and send you frequent bite-size information, to reinforce your knowledge.

Sources: Infographic, Forgetting Curve, Learning Solutions, Replication Study, Combating the Curve.

Graph of reducing knowledge over time
Graph of topping up knowledge

Is StayReady right for you?

Do you want to be confident when dealing with emergencies?

Regular reference will keep your knowledge fresh to give you confidence at all times.

Is there too much information to read all at once?

Bite size chunks of information on a regular basis will help retention of information.

Does information fade from your memory over time?

Reviewing information on a regular basis will keep memories active to keep you from forgetting them.

Does it feel like a long time since your last top-up training?

StayReady keeps you sharp between training sessions.

If any of this sounds familiar, then StayReady was built for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is StayReady meant for?

This has been designed to help keep first aid skills fresh in your mind to make sure you are 100% ready should your skills be required. StayReady does not replace the need for regular first aid training by a certified training provider.

Does this replace normal first aid training?

StayReady is supplementary to normal first aid training, this does not replace formal training you would normally receive. The intention is to help first aiders to remember the huge amount of information that is included in first aid training.

How does StayReady make money?

It doesn't make any money. This service is provided for free for the benefit of the users, to keep as many people as possible ready to do first aid when required. The running costs are currently met by the Founder, who is a First Aider and uses StayReady every day!

Where are the questions and answers sourced from?

All questions and answers follow information available from British Red Cross, UK National Health Service, Resusitation Council UK and St John Ambulance. For every answer, a link to the source of the information is included for further reading.

How are the questions chosen?

The question selection algorithm ensures that you do not see the same question twice, randomly selecting the subject each time.

When are the emails sent?

Content is distributed at 08:30 UK time every day.

What country is the information based on?

StayReady is built for the UK and contains first aid guidance from UK based organisations.

Can I unsubscribe easily?

Yes! It's quick and easy to unsubscribe with just one click.

How has StayReady been built?

We use a system built by FloTrain. If you are interested in building a similar system to StayReady, head over to and their team will be able to help you build something similar.

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